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  • Image Processing is also known as :

    • water transfer printing
    • hydographic printing
    • hydro dipping
    • hydro imaging
    • fluid imaging
    • water immersion printing


  • Image Processing

    Image Processing is a 3D setup process where graphics like carbon fiber, camouflage, wood grain, etc., are applied to viturtally any hard surface including plastics, aluminum, wood, metal and etc.  

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HGS-208 Eci Walnut Match
HGS-208 Eci Walnut Match pattern
HGS-212 Light Oak
HGS-212 Light Oak pattern
HGS-219 Burlwood Gold
HGS-219 Burlwood Gold pattern
HGS-220 Light Brown Straight Grain
HGS-220 Light Brown Straight Grain pattern
HGS-223 Red Oak
HGS-223 Red Oak pattern
HGS-225 Red Straight Grain
HGS-225 Red Straight Grain pattern
HGS-229 Golden Brown Birdseye
HGS-229 Golden Brown Birdseye pattern
HGS-228 Carpathian Elm Burl
HGS-228 Carpathian Elm Burl pattern
HGS-226 Brown Birdseye
HGS-226 Brown Birdseye pattern
HGS-231 Dark Burlwood
HGS-231 Dark Burlwood pattern
HGS-234 Zebrano Grain
HGS-234 Zebrano Grain pattern
HGS-236 Red & Gold Birdseye
HGS-236 Red & Gold Birdseye pattern
HGS-238 Golden Birdseye
HGS-238 Golden Birdseye pattern
HGS-251 Cranberry Straight Grain
HGS-251 Cranberry Straight Grain pattern
HGS-243 Volvo Color Match
HGS-243 Volvo Color Match pattern
HGS-263 Butterscotch Figured Maple
HGS-263 Butterscotch Figured Maple pattern