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  • Image Processing is also known as :

    • water transfer printing
    • hydographic printing
    • hydro dipping
    • hydro imaging
    • fluid imaging
    • water immersion printing


  • Image Processing

    Image Processing is a 3D setup process where graphics like carbon fiber, camouflage, wood grain, etc., are applied to viturtally any hard surface including plastics, aluminum, wood, metal and etc.  

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HGS-129-Cheetah Designer pattern
HGS-134 Snakeskin Black
HGS-134 Snakeskin Black Designer pattern
HGS-175 Clouds
HGS-175 Clouds Designer pattern
HGS-255 Flower-Light Green
HGS-255 Flower-Light Green Designer pattern
HGS-257 Flower-Blue
HGS-257 Flower-Blue Designer pattern
HGS-259 Flower-Dark Green
HGS-259 Flower-Dark Green Designer pattern
HGS-271 Blue Bandana
HGS-271 Blue Bandana Designer pattern
HGS-299 Water Drops
HGS-299 Water Drops Designer pattern
HGS-342 Red Flames
HGS-342 Red Flames Designer pattern
HGS-343 Black-Grey Flames
HGS-343 Black-Grey Flames Designer pattern
HGS-445-Skullz Designer pattern
HGS-478 Zebra-Large
HGS-478 Zebra-Large Designer pattern
HGS-486 Proveil-Reaper Black
HGS-486 Proveil-Reaper Black Designer pattern
HGS-519 Zebra-Small
HGS-519 Zebra-Small Designer pattern
HGS-555-Pink-Ribbons Designer pattern
HGS-556 TWN Ribbons Yellow
HGS-556 TWN Ribbons Yellow Designer pattern